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Cooking Games:

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Ayla Cook Picnic Menu- Score: 2.94/10
Description: We're going on a picnic today and Ayla Cook will teach you how to prepare some yummy food for the picnic! Follow her instructions in the game.
How To Make Corn Chowder- Score: 2.95/10
Description: Love cooking? Here's your chance to have some fun and make your own corn chowder. The game is based on a real recipe, so you can prepare it at home! Have fun!
Cooking Show Wontons- Score: 3.24/10
Description: Welcome to the cooking show! Today's menu is wontons! Come join us for a fun session on how to make tasty Chinese wontons.
Meal Masters 5- Score: 3.39/10
Description: You will learn to make a complete meal that includes a drink, an appetizer, the main course, and dessert! Be the meal master!
World Class Chef Belgium Waffles Cooking- Score: 3.42/10
Description: The Belgian waffle is a larger size, lighter batter and higher grid pattern waffle. It is a must try! Do you want to learn to make it? Here's your chance!
How to Bake a Chocolate Cake- Score: 3.52/10
Description: You want to learn how to bake a chocolate cake? Here's your chance! This game is based on a real recipe, so you can try it out in real life!
How To Make Brownie- Score: 3.63/10
Description: Want to learn to make some yummy brownie on your own? This game is for you! Since this game is based on a real recipe, you can make real brownie following the instructions. Have fun!
Cooking Show Lamb Kebabs- Score: 3.67/10
Description: Welcome to the cooking show! Today's lesson is to learn to make lamb kebabs. Be prepared to make some tasty lamb kebabs!
How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies- Score: 3.70/10
Description: Love eating chocolate chip cookies? This is your chance to learn to make them! How to make chocolate chip cookies game is based on a real recipe! You can even bake the cookies yourself after playing this game!
Chocolate Cinnamon Crunchies- Score: 3.73/10
Description: Come and make some chocolate cinnamon crunchies! Learn to make this easy to make and delicious snack with this game!
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About Our Cooking Games:

Do you like to cook? Do you want to become the next Gordon Ramsey? Practice your cooking skill here! At, all our cooking games are chosen with care to ensure our cooking games selection is fun and addictive. We collect only the best flash games around the world and create this selection just for gamers like you. Enjoy!

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