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Christmas Season Dress Up- Score: 5.15/10
Description: It's December, which is Christmas season! Help Sarai decide what winter clothes to buy for this amazing holiday!
Cake Hopper- Score: 5.80/10
Description: You are the wedding cake topper that hops! Aim to be dropped on the exact top of the cake. You will receive more points for landing nicely.
Christmas Day Dress Up- Score: 5.91/10
Description: Merry Christmas! Everyone is celebrating the birth of Jesus! Dress Sachia up nicely for this snowy Christmas day!
Valentines Date Dress Up- Score: 6.16/10
Description: Diana has been asked to go on a date on valentine's day! Help her decide what to wear for the sweet date. Dress her in cute winter clothes and mini-skirts or long sleeves and jeans.
Chip Grabber- Score: 6.55/10
Description: Mum had just laid a plate of delicious Oven Chips on the table. The family simply cannot resist the temptation of those golden chips...Stop your family from grabbing any chips before the egg timer runs out and dinner is served!
Christmas Party Dress Up- Score: 6.17/10
Description: Sakia will be hosting a Christmas party at her house tonight! Help her decide what to wear for the party in order for her to be the spotlight of the night!
Sue Knit- Score: 5.89/10
Description: Knitting fun!! Many patterns for you to challenge.
Gossip Hunt- Score: 7.08/10
Description: Lisa went to an awesome party last night...but she doesn't remember what happened! Lisa has always had a keen ear for gossip, help her use her talent to sneak around and find out for herself!
Band- Score: 5.95/10
Description: You have finally formed your dream band along with your best buddies! Jam together and make some amazing music together!
What Time is it Mr. Wolf- Score: 6.25/10
Description: Childhood game where you walk a step or two when the person who's "it" looks away. You lose when you get caught walking!
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