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Christmas Wardrobe- Score: 4.90/10
Description: Dress Lina up for the Christmas party by choosing her Christmas-themed clothing from her wardrobe!
Shining Valentines Hotel- Score: 4.94/10
Description: Help Cory decorate the hotel room for valentine's day so that when he invites his girlfriend over it'll be stunningly romantic and beautiful.
Despicable Me Minion Impossible- Score: 3.33/10
Description: Minions are perfect agents for delegating despicable deeds! Your task is to hop your way to the top while collecting the gadgets, and duck into the tube. Pick up the blue coins and avoid the red coins and yellow coins. Once you jump on a platform, it will disappear! You have up to 4 minions to complete your mission.
Gold Miners Holiday Haul- Score: 4.45/10
Description: Twas the night before Christmas...and something terrible happened at the North Pole! Santa's Sleigh hit some unseasonal turbulence due to Global Warming climate changes, and all of this year's presents were dropped into the frozen arctic tundra! As the gold miner, you have to help Santa save the holidays by rescuing the presents from the snow and ice!
Sweet Wedding Dress Up- Score: 4.56/10
Description: Amelia is in the process of planning her wedding. She is having a wedding gown fitting session. Dress her up in sweet wedding dresses and match it with elegant accessories.
Grow Valley- Score: 4.18/10
Description: Grow Valley is another awesome puzzle game from Eyezmaze, the creator of Grow Island. Click the 7 panels with your mouse in your selected order and items will grow with each turn. They effect each other as they grow, so you have to think about the clicking order in order to max out the growth of the Valley!
Christmas Lady Dress Up- Score: 4.19/10
Description: Patrina has a wardrobe full of red & green Christmas fashion in different styles and patterns. Dress her up as she celebrates this special holiday.
Steamed Bun Eating Contest- Score: 4.71/10
Description: You are known to have a big appetite and you have been dared to compete in the steamed bun eating contest! Eat as many steamed buns as you can within a minute to win the eating contest! Keep drinking water to avoid bloating yourself (the red bar on top is the fullness indicator).
Valentine Cake- Score: 5.15/10
Description: Welcome to my bakery! This Valentine's day, we're going to have efun making cakes with lots of love!
Christmas Cheer Humbug Dress Up- Score: 4.52/10
Description: Christmas is here! Dress up beautiful fantasy characters Cheer and Humbug in their Christmas gear whether they are red and green, angelic or devilish.
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