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Lil Girls Christmas Dress Up- Score: 4.42/10
Description: Sarah is a sweet little girl! Dress her up in cute Christmas clothing to celebrate the great holiday! Remember to keep her warm!
Cartoon Faces- Score: 5.46/10
Description: 3 in 1 cartoon fun! Dress up the kids or create funny and crazy cartoon faces! You get to pick and choose all the features of their face! This is a hilarious game!
Flying Dango- Score: 5.04/10
Description: The old woman who operates her flying dango stand is asking you for help. Your job is to poke all the flying dangos before selling them to customers.
Speed Clothes Hanging- Score: 4.13/10
Description: Be the nice daughter you are, help mommy hang the laundry as quick as you can! But beware of the rain and the wind for getting the clothes dirty!
Monopoly- Score: 5.24/10
Description: Dice Mogul is a fun and simple board game of monopoly! Players compete to acquire wealth through economic activity involving the buying, renting, and trading of properties, as players take turns moving around the board according to the roll of the dice. The object of the game is to drive the other players into bankruptcy.
Valentines Day Mini-skirt Dress Up- Score: 4.82/10
Description: Dress up Beth stylish colorful mini-skirts matching with trendy boots for this valentine's day!
Eraser Tower Bloxx- Score: 4.72/10
Description: Do you have fast reactions? If you do, play Eraser Tower Bloxx where you are challenged to stack as many erasers as you can without having the eraser tower fall!
Knotz- Score: 4.55/10
Description: Untie the knot by moving the nodes
Hannah Montana Wireless Quest- Score: 4.88/10
Description: Sneaky Jackson hid Miley's diary somewhere in the school. But he's left a trail of clues to find it. Hurry up, you only have 30 minutes to find Miley's diary before class starts! Or else the whole school will read her secrets!
Guitar Mania- Score: 5.15/10
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Do you like cute things? Want to play some games with adorable gameplay or characters? At, all our cute games are chosen with care to ensure our cute games selection is cute, adorable, fun and addictive. We collect only the best flash games around the world and create this selection just for gamers like you. Enjoy!

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