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Penguin Sumo- Score: 4.36/10
Description: Be a quick penguin and race against the other penguin in grabbing the ice cubes! But don't fall into the ice water!
Nail It- Score: 4.83/10
Description: Think it's easy to hammer on a nail? Try Nail It and see how good you can get!
Valentine Day Celebration Dress Up- Score: 4.59/10
Description: Dress up Eva in either formal dresses to informal skirts to get her ready for the valentine's day celebration with her boyfriend.
Drag the Dot- Score: 5.31/10
Description: A frustrating game where you have to drag the dot to the end with many obstacles to pass through! Do you think you can endure through the frustration with your wit?
Happy Christmas Puzzle- Score: 4.79/10
Description: Christmas is the happiest time of the year for many people. But it's no happy time for little Lydia. She has no parents and nobody has bought a present for her. Help the angel find gifts for Lydia, with the help of the contours indicated below, in the pink field.
ParKiss- Score: 4.67/10
Description: This young couple is in love. They can't stop but kiss each other in the park! Help them express their love through kisses without getting in trouble!
Little Hopper- Score: 4.39/10
Description: Oh no! Little Hopper has lost all his coins! Help him collect as many of his coins as possible as he hops up the sky. Remember to avoid all the falling rocks and don't get tricked by the broken platforms!
Cute Anime Christmas Makeover- Score: 3.78/10
Description: Miyuki is excited about Christmas! It is a joyous day to celebrate with family. Help her do a cute makeover as she celebrates the holiday of love!
Orbit- Score: 4.03/10
Description: Orbit around the planets and avoid crashing into them. Don't forget there's gravity!
Valentines Day Proposal Dress Up- Score: 5.09/10
Description: David chose to propose on valentine's day and Yannis has accepted his proposal! Dress them up in various wedding gowns and tuxedos for their wedding photo shoot!
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Do you like cute things? Want to play some games with adorable gameplay or characters? At, all our cute games are chosen with care to ensure our cute games selection is cute, adorable, fun and addictive. We collect only the best flash games around the world and create this selection just for gamers like you. Enjoy!

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