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Simulation Games:

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Sushi Go Around- Score: 6.33/10
Description: Are you ready to run a fast pace sushi bar? Besides making the sushi, you need to manage the supplies and clean up the dishes. But the most difficult task is to memorize how to make various sushi roll. Good thing is that you can always look it up in the recipe book.
Kingdom Days Dating Sim (For Girls)- Score: 5.63/10
Description: Kingdom Days Dating Sim is a simulation game for girls. You build relationships with up to 5 different characters in 30 days. Hints: If you want an ending with a guy other than Lewis or Joseph, you will have to invite them to your wedding. How? Keep on talking to them until you can bring the subject up. Cheat codes are hidden throughout the game. Enjoy in your journey in finding true love!
Jewelry Design- Score: 5.48/10
Description: Have a heart for jewelry design? This is your chance to shine! Run your own jewelry boutique by designing stunning bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more using a variety of beads, pendants and charms. As you complete designs for your clientele, the boutique will blossom and more customers will come to commission new work.
Pizza Xpress- Score: 6.06/10
Description: It ain't easy in the fast food business. You have been left alone to cope with the droves of hungry customers in your local pizza parlour. Hungry customers are hard to please, and if you can't please hungry customers, you could be out of work!!!
Pet Reindeer- Score: 6.12/10
Description: Raise your very own virtual reindeer! Take it for a walk to stay healthy, feed it when it is hungry, and play with it when it is bored!
Sushi No Suki- Score: 6.50/10
Description: It's not easy to be a sushi chef! You must have a good memory, speed, time management skills, and be able to multitask. Satisfy your customers by serving the best sushi in time to be the best sushi chef!
Mommas Diner- Score: 4.96/10
Description: Welcome to Momma's Diner, the best joint in town! or, at least, we'd love it to be the best. I think we need a little held to make it so- help with serving customers and cooking meals for 10 days.
Thrills Spills- Score: 5.63/10
Description: You finally own a restaurant and you need to take orders and serve customers fast! But the customers are clumsy and spills all over the place. Avoid the spills, so you won't slip and fall!
Sushi Chef Challenge- Score: 5.07/10
Description: Build your Japanese restaurant as you take the Sushi Chef Challenge! Go and serve your customers with all kinds of tasty sushi!
Bar-B-Que Restaurant- Score: 4.94/10
Description: Run your own barbecue restaurant and serve the hungry customers! Satisfy your customer in a timely fashion with the right BBQ food!
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Simulation Games have been a big part of gaming industry. At, all our simulation games are chosen with care to ensure our simulation games selection is fun and addictive. We collect only the best flash games around the world and create this selection just for gamers like you. Enjoy!

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