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Ratatouille Madness- Score: 5.59/10
Description: In ratatouille, Linguini can't cook, but Remy can! Working together. They can be the greatest chef in all of Paris!
Bratz Ice Champions- Score: 5.43/10
Description: Choose your music and design your ice-skating routine by picking your favorite stylin' tricks and put them in the order you want! Watch your routine and see your final score.
Bratz Magazine- Score: 3.97/10
Description: You're the Bratz stylist! Mix-n-match today's hottest styles and then create your own Bratz magazine cover!
The Ant Bully- Score: 3.50/10
Description: Your ant hill is under attack from your mortal enemies the wasps! IF you don't move fast it will collapse. Use your silk shooter to fill in the holes. Be fast and precise to save the colony.
Despicable Me Minion Impossible- Score: 3.72/10
Description: Minions are perfect agents for delegating despicable deeds! Your task is to hop your way to the top while collecting the gadgets, and duck into the tube. Pick up the blue coins and avoid the red coins and yellow coins. Once you jump on a platform, it will disappear! You have up to 4 minions to complete your mission.

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