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Christmas Games:

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Christmas Season Dress Up- Score: 5.15/10
Description: It's December, which is Christmas season! Help Sarai decide what winter clothes to buy for this amazing holiday!
Christmas Day Dress Up- Score: 5.91/10
Description: Merry Christmas! Everyone is celebrating the birth of Jesus! Dress Sachia up nicely for this snowy Christmas day!
Christmas Party Dress Up- Score: 6.17/10
Description: Sakia will be hosting a Christmas party at her house tonight! Help her decide what to wear for the party in order for her to be the spotlight of the night!
White Christmas Dress Up- Score: 5.21/10
Description: Sakya is having a white Christmas this year! Dress her up in stylish but warm clothes for the cold and snowy holiday!
Young Christmas Fashion- Score: 5.18/10
Description: Shachia is a young sweet girl who loves celebrating Christmas! Dress her up in various cute red and green clothing for having the Christmas spirit!
Colorful Christmas Party Dress Up- Score: 5.09/10
Description: Dress Taryn up in colorful Christmas fashion for her to attend the Christmas party! Remember to bring some nice presents!
Lil Girls Christmas Dress Up- Score: 4.42/10
Description: Sarah is a sweet little girl! Dress her up in cute Christmas clothing to celebrate the great holiday! Remember to keep her warm!
All I Want For Christmas Dress Up- Score: 4.50/10
Description: Dress Abigail in some stylish Christmas fashion and have a Christmas makeover for her because all she wants for Christmas is fashion and style!
Christmas at Home Dress Up- Score: 4.60/10
Description: Natasha is an international student who is studying overseas. Christmas holiday is coming up and she is returning home this year to celebrate Christmas with her family! Help dress her up for the joyous holiday!
Pretty Girl Christmas Dress Up- Score: 3.95/10
Description: Dress up this pretty girl in Christmas-themed clothing to celebrate in this joyful Christmas season!
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