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Top Model Makeover- Score: 6.63/10
Description: Avim is an attractive top model. You are designated to be her makeup and design artist. Help her design her makeup and hair to match the clothes and accessories!
Sexy Date Makeover- Score: 6.93/10
Description: Naomi is a sexy lady who has just been asked to go on a date! Be her personal makeup artist and help her do a makeover for her big date!
Elegant Ball Makeover- Score: 7.51/10
Description: Abilene was invited to attend an elegant ball tonight! Help her do an extreme makeover to make her the prettiest lady at the ball tonight!
Skinny Trendy Girl Makeover- Score: 6.93/10
Description: Have you dreamed of being the best makeup artist? Here's your chance to show off your makeup skills! Put on the best makeup for Nadia and match the makeup with stunning accessories!
Fashionable Casual Makeover- Score: 6.50/10
Description: Azel is a fashionable lady. Help her do a casual yet stylish and unique makeover from hairstyle to makeup to clothes!
Rainy Day Makeover- Score: 6.81/10
Description: It is rainy season! Be Joanna's makeup artist and help her change her image by putting on makeup, fixing her hair, and choosing what clothes and accessories for her to wear!
Cruise Vacation Makeover- Score: 6.70/10
Description: Hannah is having a cruise vacation! Help her change her image by putting on makeup, fixing her hair, and choosing what clothes and accessories for her to wear!
Hot Beach Makeover- Score: 7.29/10
Description: Athaliah is hitting the beach. Be her makeup artist and give her advices on what makeup to put on, what hairstyle to have, what clothes and accessories to wear to be hot!
Creative Artist Dress Up- Score: 6.91/10
Description: Ilai is a creative artist. She loves dressing up in stylish, colorful and unique fashion. Dress her up in various clothes along with shoes and other accessories!
Makeup Mania- Score: 6.45/10
Description: So you think you have what it takes to make faces look fabulous? Well, if you want to be the queen of cosmetics, you have to earn it! Show Mario your style and get the job as the makeup artist for top famous stars!
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