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Dreamy Wedding Banquet Gown Dress Up- Score: 7.18/10
Description: Hagar has been invited to an evening wedding banquet! Dress her up in dream and elegant evening gown to attend matching with beautiful heels and accessories!
Exquisite Dresses- Score: 7.09/10
Description: Dress up Nicole in sexy and exquisite dresses for tonight's grand banquet so that she will be the spotlight of the night!
Dressy Dress Up- Score: 6.02/10
Description: Kyria has been invited to a semi-formal banquet. Help her decide what dressy blouses and skirts or dresses she should wear.
Princess Dressup- Score: 7.32/10
Description: Princess Azriel is hosting a banquet tonight. She needs your help to decide what to wear. Help her mix and match various beautiful dresses!
Young Night Gowns- Score: 5.88/10
Description: Phoebe is a young and cute girl who is about to attend a formal evening banquet. Help her decide what to wear for the formal night!
Banquet Dress Up- Score: 7.11/10
Description: Dinah has been invited to attend a banquet next week. She needs your help to make some last minute decisions on which dress to get, what hairstyle should she set, and what accessories she should match everything with!
Simple Elegance Formal Dress Up- Score: 5.88/10
Description: Iscah has been invited to an evening banquet. Dress her up in simple but elegant formal clothing matching with stylish accessories!
Flashy Night Gown Dress Up- Score: 6.53/10
Description: Gehazi is attending a night banquet. Dress her up in flashy night gown to shine and stand out for the night!
Womanly Night Gowns Dress Up- Score: 6.09/10
Description: Martha has been invited to an evening banquet. She needs your help to make her decide what she should wear that night. Help her mix and match her night gowns and shoes and accessories!
Extravagant Gowns Dress Up- Score: 5.91/10
Description: Dalmatia is invited to attend an elegant and formal banquet show. Help her choose a glamorous or eye-catching gowns for the special night.
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