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Sweet Valentines Day Dress Up- Score: 6.34/10
Description: Get Rebeka ready for the cold weather by dressing her up on this sweet valentines day.
Charming Flight Attendant Dress Up- Score: 6.68/10
Description: Herodias is a charming and pretty flight attendant. Dress her up in various attractive and professional flight attendant uniforms along with other accessories.
Kawaii Tees Dress Up- Score: 7.27/10
Description: Julia is an adorable girl who loves to wear kawaii and colorful tees. Match her cute tees with attractive, trendy bags and accessories!
Smart Business Fashion- Score: 7.52/10
Description: Jemima is an intelligent and bright business professional. Everyday, she needs to decide what to wear for work to look smart! Give her some help to dress in professional attire with style!
Hot Beach Day Dress Up- Score: 7.25/10
Description: Janna is a charming and cute girl who loves to hit the beach on a hot and sunny day! Dress her up in bikini or tank tops or t-shirts with short shorts or skirts!
Fashion Designer NY- Score: 7.34/10
Description: After your last success at the Paris Fashion Show, you were recommended by the top European designers to work here in New York! Follow your fashion designer dream and choose from the four design studios to work at. Showoff your creative fashion sense by creating your own collection and showcase them on the runway in the New York Fashion Show!
Embroidered Dresses Dress Up- Score: 6.16/10
Description: Alicia is a beautiful young lady who has a hobby of collecting unique embroidered dresses. Dress her up in a dress from her special collection for a special date.
Gladiator Sandals Fanatic Dress Up- Score: 5.67/10
Description: Hosah is an absolute gladiator sandals fanatic! Dress her up in the most hip and trendy gladiator sandals along with other fashion items!
Make Up Accessories Puzzle- Score: 7.27/10
Description: Your make up accessories are scattered all over the place. Your mission is to put them back in their places!
Creative Artist Dress Up- Score: 6.91/10
Description: Ilai is a creative artist. She loves dressing up in stylish, colorful and unique fashion. Dress her up in various clothes along with shoes and other accessories!
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