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Diamond Cut Skirts Dress Up- Score: 6.25/10
Description: Faith loves stylish diamond cut skirts. Dress her up in different blouse with blazers and match them with a chic diamond cut skirt. Add on a clutch or purse with sexy heels.
Classy Pink Fashion Lover- Score: 6.71/10
Description: Cassandra is a huge fan of pink! Her room and wardrobe is full of pink fashion items! Dress her up in classy pink clothes and match them with chic accessories and heels for her big date!
Hot Indian Dress Up- Score: 6.49/10
Description: Dress Aishwarya in beautiful Sari as Indian fashion is becoming the hot trend!
Classy Yellow Lovers Fashion- Score: 5.97/10
Description: Wynn is a classy yellow lover. She loves everything that is yellow! So her wardrobe is full of yellow fashion items from jacket to blazers to shirt to skirts or pants to shoes and accessories!
Checkered Pattern Dress Up- Score: 5.40/10
Description: Candace loves checker patterned fashion items. Dress her up in her favorite pattern's tops and jackets. Match them with mini skits or pants, bags and other accessories.
Sexy Knotty Shirts Dress Up- Score: 5.96/10
Description: Mare loves sexy and colorful patterned fashion items. Dress her up in some knotty shirts matching with cute shorts or skirts.
Chic High Waist Shorts Dress Up- Score: 6.38/10
Description: Michelle loves high waist shorts! Choose from her collection of shorts and dress her up!
Elegant Red Carpet Gowns- Score: 5.32/10
Description: Belle is attending a red carpet special event. Dress her up in stunningly elegant evening gowns. Also add a touch with beautiful accessories and heels!
Trendy Casual Blazers Dress Up- Score: 5.25/10
Description: Hillary is in love with trendy blazers! She is wearing them all occasions whether casual or professional. Dress her up in a blazer and mix and match them with different fashion items!
Edgy Summer Skirts n Shorts Dress Up- Score: 6.16/10
Description: Nemiah loves colorful edgy skirts and shorts. Dress her up in trendy summer fashion with sassy sandals or heels.
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