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Winter Coat Dress up- Score: 7.48/10
Description: The weather is getting cold as winter comes! Pack your summer clothes and fill your closet with winter clothes. Dress up in fashionable, stylish winter clothes for the cold weather!
Casual Fall Lady Fashion- Score: 5.94/10
Description: It's a casual day out for Mish. Dress her up in casual but stylish and trendy fall lady fashion.
Autumn Casual Fashion- Score: 5.05/10
Description: Dress Kitty up in layered style fashion for the casual autumn day.
Winter Floral Patterned Fashion- Score: 5.06/10
Description: Carmela loves floral patterned fashion. Pick which pattern of cloth you would like for the various types of tops and bottoms. Then match them with chic accessories!
Gold Miners Holiday Haul- Score: 4.45/10
Description: Twas the night before Christmas...and something terrible happened at the North Pole! Santa's Sleigh hit some unseasonal turbulence due to Global Warming climate changes, and all of this year's presents were dropped into the frozen arctic tundra! As the gold miner, you have to help Santa save the holidays by rescuing the presents from the snow and ice!

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